Breast Surgery

Liv Hospital’s standards of excellence and the use of the latest technology is fully reflected in our Breast Surgery Center, where women over the age of 40 are strongly advised to get regular mammographic scan tests even if they do not show any symptoms of the disease.
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It is known that breast cancer fatality rates have declined by 19-64% (and an average of 30%) in countries where regular scanning is conducted. Younger women should also benefit from self-examination, physical examination and ultrasonography.

Breast Surgery at Liv Hospital: minimal intervention for maximum results

Whereas in the past there was no other option than to remove the entire breast and lymph glands, nowadays, early diagnosed cases are much more rarely treated in this way. In half of cases it is possible to treat the cancer by removing the tumor alone, with subsequent breast-conserving radiotherapy.

This is because there is no real difference in the effectiveness of conserving treatment when compared to the removal of the entire breast. We can now examine approaches to surgical treatments, the breasts and lymph nodes in more detail.




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