Why should we have a check up?

The goal of modern medicine is to ensure the health of people with the necessary precautions, before as the disease comes out. Because, after the occurrence of the disease, treatment becomes much more expensive, and the health deteriorates.

The early and accurate diagnosis is important in coronary heart disease, which is the challenge of our time, from the point of view of cancer, hypertension, and many others, for the duration of life and quality. Furthermore, early diagnosis and regular treatment are important again in such diseases as a hypertension and diabetes, that without any symptoms and furtively without causing any complaints on the patient exists for many years, on the other hand may result in damage to vital organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys.

We wish you to have a long and healthy life all together with your family.

What must be done before the survey?

If you arrive at the doctor's control program with the preparation, which corresponds to the information provided below, it will help you to complete the process more quickly and provide more reliable results.

  • Before you go to the doctor, make an appointment
  • Please bring with you the results of tests and studies made in advance (for the last 6 months)
  • On the day of observation do not eat or drink anything, come keeping an empty stomach (hunger with a gap of 8-12 hours is sufficient). Do not smoke.
  • 48 hours prior to arrival at the check-up, stop taking drugs such as vitamins and supplements, with the exception of absolutely essential drugs recommended by your doctor.
  • A day before of the control of the doctor, do not use a gas-generating substances such as: raw vegetables, beans, fruits, dairy products, carbonated drinks, cola and others; do not drink alcoholic beverages (Red meat, broccoli, parsley, turnips must not be eatn)
  • Do not forget to bring along the names and dosages of the tablets you use
  • If you are pregnant or there is a possibility of pregnancy, before you start the process, tell about that to your doctor
  • Put on your comfortable clothes, if the survey will be used by ECG program load then please bring clothes for running (for example such as sports clothing and shoes)
  • Screening is not recommended during menstruation of women

The operation performed during the control?

  • Preparation of laboratory tests,
  • Internal observation of received comprehensive health information
  • Application of observation of other sectors, in accordance with the volume of the survey,
  • Application of radiological observations,
  • Evaluation of the medical process and outcome,
  • Editing and completion of the report on the survey,
  • During all these operations, our representative will accompany you.

For reference purposes and for more information you can call the phone number: 444 99 11 or send an e-mail to the address: halklailiskiler@lokmanhekim.com.tr




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