What to do not to be sick in the autumn

Dr. Sertuğ Akkorlu, internal diseases specialist in Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital, who states that the seasonal transitions have an impact on human health, emotion and regular sleep pattern, said “brief temperature changes which happen by abrupt warming and cooling of the air, gets body adaptation hard as well. This situation causes the body certain stress and its defence mechanism against the flu to decline.”

Spec.Dr. Akkorlu has recommanded the following not to be sick in the autumn:

“For many of us, these seasonal transitions are not so “nice and easy”. They affect our health, emotions and regular sleep pattern in many ways. Besides the diseases like the flu, as a result of the fact that the days are drawing in and we benefit less from sunlight, a state of unhappiness, weakness, sleep disorders and depression defined as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which affects 6 % of the general population appears.“brief temperature changes which happen by abrupt warming and cooling of the air, gets body adaptation hard as well. This situation causes the body certain stress and its defence mechanism to decline”. Its easilycontagious character and sensitising effect on the body make contraction of flu epidemic which is common especially in autumn-winter seasons easier to happen. This is more common in patients who have chronic disturbances.

Change your life pattern

- Care especially for hand cleanliness. Wash your hands in line with the rules. Make sure it doesn’t get in contact with your nose and eyes.

- Stay away as much as possible from indoor places and scarcely air-conditioned spots.

- Try to get dressed seasonably. Prefer not too thin nor thick outfits.

- Make sure that you keep the ambient temperature at 25° at normal times and 22° during sleep.

- At growing flu epidemics, avoid close contact with the patients, try not to stay in the same place.

- Get an annualflu shot regularly on October-November. Those whose immunity has been lowered by diabetes, kidney and lung diseases should get a pneumonitis vaccine under doctor’s supervision.

- Especially at schools and offices; try not use private belongings such as pens, books, computers or glass.

- Use handkirchieves as disposable, do not use them repeatedly.

- Care for nutrition and sleeping patterns. Keep your nutrition right and balanced. Make effort to consume especially fruit and vegetable rich in vitamin C. Boost up your liquid consumption as long as not too hot or cold.

- Increase your energy not to fall in the autumn’s depression.

Winter months where there is less sunlight, causes depressive feelings to increase. Summertime is a season where people’s routine works decrease and the nature gets refreshed and people go on vacation. Daytime gets longer meanwhile and the time that the people spare from their work after getting rid of their routine, increases. Unlike all this refreshment incurring in summer, a reverse process takes place in the autumn and winter times. Days start to get shorter, temperature to change, sun to appear less and the green to leave its place to yellow. This season also known as “ hazan”, might cause depression to rise in vulnerable persons. Since depressive feeling, collapse, worry and anxiety is generally more common in women, autumn depression affects women more commonly.Because of this, it is really very important to boost your energy in order not to get in depression. You can do this through regular work-out, healthy nutrition, regular sleep patterns, time-sparing with kith and kin, brief breaks at work and planning enjoyable activities.




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