Rehabilitation of Elders

Geriatric rehabilitation is the service to improve physical function and to decrease loss of power or illness and minimize, prevent, delay or reverse loss of function for the individuals with age-progressive symptoms.

When considered in terms of each individual, every patient wishes to reach the desired level of quality of life even when there is deterioration occurring. This is the same for the elderly. The main objective is to improve the quality of life. Because each patient is unique, our treatments programs are prepared to customize each individual.

Benefits to Elderly Exercise

  • Reduces the reaction time
  • Increases muscle mass
  • Increases bone mass
  • Provides mental fitness
  • Helps to decrease pain
  • Reduces the risk of fractures and joint injuries, improves muscle strength and improves the sense of balance
  • Effects positively on obesity, diabetes and hypertension, hyperlipidemia
  • Reduces the bone loss with physical activity and protecting the remaining bone tissue
  • Increases general fitness




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