Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgery

In plastic surgery, the disproportion between the constituent structures are corrected. This way, the aesthetics image giving a joy of life to the person, can be attained. In aesthetical surgery, it is important to meet the expectations and requirements with giving a joy of the life by artistic side of operation. The defects or disproportions can harm the self-confidence of the patient when they are noticed.

The plastic surgery challenges to create aesthetic proportions such as shrinking the nose which is bigger when compared to face, enlarge the small breasts. Every individual is unique and so it is important to assess the disturbed regions of the patient in a realistic manner. In plastic surgery, it is struggled to get a result which is the most functional and the cosmetic, by returning the patient to normal life as soon as possible.

Body Aesthetics

- Hip Lifting

- Abdomen Lifting (Abdominoplasty)

- Liposuction

- Brachioplasty

- Thigh Reduction

- Calf Thickening

- Plug

- Hand Esthetics

Face Esthetics

- Frontal Bone Extension

- Brow Lifting

- Blepharoplasty

- Ear Esthetics

- Rhinoplasty

- Face Lifting

- Jaw Esthetics

- Cheekbone Augmentation

- Botox

- Plug


- Scar Treatment

- Over-sweating

- Hair Transplantatio


Reconstructive surgery; is a surgical branch which aims to eliminate congenital or post facto formed abnormalities and to correct the image of body. Congenital lip/cleft palate, conjoined fingers or abnormal and/or missing tissues caused by accidents, burns, injury, tumor are normalized through reconstructive surgery in terms of aesthetics and function.

- Reconstruction after cancer (Breast Reconstruction)

- Hand Surgery

- Skin Cancer

- Benign Skin and Soft Tissue Tumors

- Maxillofacial Surgery

- Patch Surgery (graft / flap)

- Microsurgery

- Head / Neck Tumors

- Craniofacial Surgery

- Burn

- Non-Healing Wounds (diabetic foot ulcers, decubitus ulcers, ...)

- Congenital Anomalies (cleft lip and palate, syndactylia...)

- Traumas and Burns

In this branch of surgery each patient is evaluated as a unique individual because of the fact that the physical, psychological and philosophical differences may influence the choice of treatment.




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