Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

​To look good and beautiful in every sense is one of the factors that will allow the person to be one step ahead in contemporary social life. Aesthetic interventions and operations contain the changes that we want to be performed on our bodies in order to look healthy and better.
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Every person's body type and structure, expectations and lifestyles are different. Therefore, specialists of Liv Hospital recommend interventions that the person needs appropriate for her/his skin type and body form by making personalized plan for optimal results in aesthetic interventions.


  • Rhinoplasty is located among the most frequently referred aesthetics operation.
  • Nose is an organ located right in the middle of the face, which is immediately noticeable at first glance. While our nose is providing an important contribution to the integrity of our face and expression, it also has undertaken tasks under functional sense. To be the main way which the air will pass through during breathing, cleaning and moistening the air during the passage, olfactory function are the main tasks of our nose. Therefore, the person's airway aperture and interventions to be performed here should also be planned when aesthetic nose surgery is planned.

The change that the patient desires is revealed in detail by making a detailed conversation before and after rhinoplasty in Liv Hospital. If necessary, planning is made through photography programs.

Plaster or splint is applied after the procedure for 1 week. This ensures the performed intervention to be permanent. The edema significantly reduces within 2 weeks. The nose to get the final shape takes about 6 months.

Secondary rhinoplasty

Liv hospital specialists also help our patients, who had previously been performed rhinoplasty by other physicians but not satisfied with the outcome. High success rates are achieved in correction operations with their experience.

Breast Augmentation

The female breast has become a symbol of maternity, fertility, productivity and beauty in every period of human history. Woman has always been seen as an important element of female sexuality with round and plump lines.

Liv Hospital physicians help their patients for both congenital as well as the subsequent breast aesthetic problems with breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction operations.

Breast augmentation procedures are usually performed with silicone implants. The prosthesis is placed into the appropriate region and plan for the patient in form and size requested by the patient and appropriate for her/his body structure.

Breast sagging may occur over time especially in people who gain and lose weight, give birth and breastfeed or with insufficient skin elasticity. In addition, pendulous and large breasts lead to health problems such as back and neck pain, sweating and skin infections. In these cases, it is possible to achieve steep, fuller and more natural breasts again with breast lifting and breast reduction procedures

Today, breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women. According to the statistics, one out of every eight women will contract breast cancer during their lifetime. Therefore, millions of women lose a portion or entire of their breast due to cancer every year. We provide high patient satisfaction also for our patients who have lost their breast following cancer surgeries at Liv Hospital in breast repair procedures with their own tissues or silicone implants. We produce customized solutions by evaluating the most appropriate repair method according to the stage of the disease, the person's body structure and treatment plan.

Body Shaping

There are two basic layers of fat that surrounds our body: superficial and deep layers. The superficial layer is located just beneath our skin. This layer contributes our skin to look beautiful when it is thin and regular. While the deep fat layer just below it is the layer responsible especially for storage. The nutrients are converted into fat when the calories we get from the food we eat are more than the calories we spend, and stored in this deep layer.

We help our patients with excessive fat, sagging and body deformity in Liv Hospital with body shaping procedures such as liposuction, VASER Hi-Def liposuction, tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, arm and thigh lift.

What is VASER Liposuction?

Improvements have been experienced in liposuction method in recent years with the help of technology. VASER Liposuction is the most advanced point reached by this technique. In this method, fat tissue is broken via sound waves while still in the body. In addition, it does not damage the necessary tissues such as blood vessels and connective tissue, while applied sound waves are breaking fat tissue. This energy shortens the collagen bonds by warming and provides rapid recovery and healing after the procedure.

Facial Aesthetics

3 major changes reveal on face in the aging process;

  1. The tissues begins to sag downward due to the loss of lifting and hanging power, reduced elasticity and decrease of the resistance of the collagen fibers. The present grooves and pits are pronounced with this effect, and the skin loose. Eyebrows and eyelids fall; a groove between the eyes and cheeks is formed. Cheeks sag, a deep channel also reveals between the lip and cheek. The corner of the mouth turns downward, neck skin sags and bands are formed on the neck.
  2. Soft tissues weaken and decrease. So, cheek fullness decreases, eye sockets are pronounced and eyes become smaller; the skin becomes thinner. Not only soft tissues also the facial bones weaken. Thus, the face that was oval in adolescence takes rectangular shape over time.
  3. Skin quality deteriorates. Thin malaise, blemishes, facial lines occur.

Factors such as irregular life, smoking, nervous personality, excessive impact of sun, inadequate fluid intake may increase the effects of aging.

The region of the person's face that needs to intervene is determined according to the findings obtained by examination. Performing required procedures from forehead and eyebrows, open or endoscopic mid-face lifting, facial and neck lifting together or separately may reverse the effects of aging process.

Retention and patient satisfaction is increased in Liv Hospital by supporting these procedures with stem cell applications, PRP and fibroblast applications, stem cell enriched fat filler through stem cell laboratory that use the latest technology facilities.

Eyelid Aesthetics:

As age progresses, the eyelids fall due to the weakening of the structures and surrounding tissues that form the eyelids; the skin wrinkles, baggings begin, the bones around the eyes become thinner and eye sockets deepens, wrinkles that we call "crow's feet" appear. Eyes and facial appearance that looks always tired and over aged are inevitable when sagging in cheeks, "tear trough" formation as a result of bagging in the region extending to the nose and wrinkles in the forehead are also added to this table.

The people with sagging and laxity of the eyelid skin occurred, revealed bags, and those expressing that they are appearing over aged or looking tired even slept well often benefit from eyelid aesthetics.

Basically during this procedure; the excess skin in the eyelids is removed, fat pads that lead to the baggings are removed as required or reshaped, if the upper eyelid is covering iris more than needed than it is corrected. Procedures such as fat injection around the eyes, moving up the junction of the eyelids and making eye opening facing upward (almond eyes) tear trough correction is also added to the same session according to the needs of the person. The addition of these procedures will increase the appreciation and satisfaction.

Body and facial rejuvenation with stem cells

Stem cells are master cells that have not yet completed its maturation, and can turn into any needed kind of cell when appropriately stimulated under suitable environments. Stem cells are capable of renewing themselves, unlimited division and proliferation capacity. To isolate stem cells and re-administer the person for treatment is one of the great advances experienced in medicine in recent years.

We are able to obtain stem cells from the person herself/himself from 250 cc of adipose tissue that we take from the person through our sophisticated stem cell laboratory in Liv Hospital.

  • We use stem cells in aesthetics surgery especially for skin rejuvenation and filling in the facial and hand region. Regeneration and rejuvenation are obtained with effects such as vascularization increase, the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and increase of skin thickness while recovery is achieved rapidly in stem cell injected regions. Also, the use of stem cells for breast augmentation is also on the agenda recently.
  • When performing these procedures, we are able to mix stem cells with fat tissue or inject as isolated according to the situation.
  • Today, many substances used for filling. However, the use of stem cells for the purpose of filling or skin rejuvenation is the most advanced point of this profession. Because, we are directly administering the cells that will provide both rejuvenation and healing to the desired area, as well as using a non-allergic material that will not show adverse effect as it is produced from the person’s own.
  • Other than aesthetic intended use of stem cells, they are used for filling purposes in the treatment of non-healing wounds (diabetic foot, venous ulcers, Burger's disease), the treatment of burns and burn scars, deformity and disfigurement.

Fat grafting applications (face and body contour correction)

Fat grafting application i.e. fat injection is the procedure of injecting the fat tissue taken from any region of the body into another region.

It is applied to inflate and fill the collapsed portions of the face, correct sunken scars, thicken lips and highlight the cheekbones.

There is no additional cost and possibility of causing allergy because fat tissue belongs to the person’s self. Also, fat tissue rejuvenates and refreshes the administered region thanks to the stem cells it contains. It is superior to the synthetic fillers with these features.

Peeling (with chemical and laser method)

Peeling aims to peel the top layer of the skin composed of dead cells. Self-repairing mechanisms of the skin work after peeling performed by specialist physicians and causes the release of materials that give moisture and brightness to the skin. Thus, it leads the skin to appear brighter and younger.

Which regions are performed peeling applications?

  • Spot Treatment
  • Removal of wrinkles
  • The skin gaining vitality by clearing of its color
  • Closure of large skin pores
  • Ensuring the skin's moisture balance
  • Removal of acne and acne scars, black and white dots
  • Normalization of rough, scaly, dry and oily skin
  • Reduction and prevention of skin sagging with recurrent session




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