The number of fat cells in the adult human body is constant. After puberty the number of adipose cells does not increase, but the colume of cells increases resulting in weight gain. Eating habits and lifestyle are the most important factors for loosing weight.
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More regular exercise, a suitable diet and a healthy lifestyle are required to get the rid of weight. However, in some people who do these, fat deposits will be there. Abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, inner and outer sides of the knee are the particular areas of the body which have resistant fat accumulation. This excess fat can be resolved partially by diet and exercise,but more exercises and diet result in a deterioration of the overall metabolism of the body instead of thinning in these regions.

Liposuction is a surgical removal of fat deposits in certain areas of the body with a special vacuum suction or a special injector. Definitely it's not a weight loss surgery, it is a body contour correction surgery. This operation moves away the resistant fat cells diet and reduces the number of them.

Classic liposuction procedure started in the 1970s bu the cannulas that were used had a spacious diameter and they were sharp, beside that the lack of adequate vacuum device had caused serious problems. Procedure can cause significant fluid and electrolyte loss in the body .Some patients died after surgery . But these problems have been left behind today. Liposuction body contour techniques started to be applied in the last 10 years and they have taken place in the correction indispensable. The goal is not to be thin, as long as the goal is the contour correction. In Hospital conditions with good techniques and in the safety limit is not exceeded the surgery will be done without any risks. Nowadays margin of safety is considered to be 2.5- 4.5 liters.

The operation is performed under the supervision of the anesthesiologist in the operating room and hospital conditions. Local anesthesia and sedation in combination is preferred. Local anesthesia is limited and applicable to small ares. Vacuum operation takes between 1-5 hours depending on the state of the region that will be implemented. Cannula entry is not usually stitched up or sometimes 1-2 stitches are used. Special tubes are used in the cannula holes, this helps to drain accumulated serum inside. Depending on the width patient can leave the hospital in the same day or 24 hours later.

Post-operation period passes easily. The pain is quite low and can be solved by medications. After surgery, special bandage are applied to the fields of vacuum and a special corset dressed to the patient. The wound will be dressed. Patients will continue to wear the corset for 5-6 weeks. In vacuum applied areas a purplish discoloration can happen. Swelling, tingling or burning sensation may appear but they disappear spontaneously within 3 weeks. The scars will disappear within 2-5 months.




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