Hair Transplantation & Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Transplantation It is a surgical procedure performed via a method called FUE that solves the problem of 85% of patients complaining of hair loss in a single session. It is performed under local anesthesia. This procedure, in which the patient is awake but does not feel pain, is the most reliable anesthesia method in hair transplantation.
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Hair mesotherapy

The patients who have more serious hair loss problem cannot get sufficient results with care cures to be applied at home. In this case, it is needed to inject medications containing components required to be in the structure of hair directly to the scalp and the root of the hair. The patient does not feel any pain because local anesthesia is administered before the procedure. The performed procedure is called hair mesotherapy. This procedure mostly performed with the help of a special device may take hair loss under control for 1 week up to 1 year. The procedure is performed by dermatologists and hair transplantation specialists.

PRP: It is the procedure of injecting the patient's own blood after mixing with DNA activator following processing with some special procedures to the scalp through special devices. It provides a longer-term protection. The procedure is performed by dermatologists and hair transplantation specialists.

Hair transplantation is carried out briefly as follows:

  • First, the maximum number of grafts is obtained from the donor site. Then, the channels that the roots will be implanted in are opened while the obtained roots are kept in a special PRP solution; the roots are implanted into the channel as the last procedure, and the procedure is finished.
  • Hair transplantation in LIV Hospital is carried out according to HR SYSTEMS criteria. These criteria are the whole of all the conditions to be complied with the for an ideal hair transplantation. The maximum number of grafts is transferred to the patient based on HR SYSTEMS Criteria, by physicians and hair transplantation specialist assistant medical personnel in a period of 4-5 hours. LIV Hospital offers a quality service in hair transplantation with its experienced physicians and hair transplantation specialists.




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