Hair Transplantation

It is a surgical procedure that is performed by a method called FUE and solves the problem of 85% of the patients experiencing a hair loss complaint only in a single session. It is performed under local anesthesia. This procedure that the patient is awake but does not feel pain is the most reliable method in the hair transplantation.
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The hair transplantation is performed as follows in brief:

First, graft is obtained from donor's site in maximum number possible. Then, when the hair follicles obtained are waited in a special PRP solution, canals where the follicles are transplanted into are opened, and they are transplanted into the canals as the final process, and the procedure is terminated.

Hair transplantation is performed in the LIV Hospital in accordance with the HR SYSTEMS Criteria. These criteria are the set of all rules required to be complied with for an ideal hair transplantation. Based on the HR SYSTEMS Criteria, graft in maximum number is transplanted within 4 to 5 hours by physicians and allied health personnel who are hair transplantation specialists.

Natural look of the hair after operation is especially something that takes care of patients. Ensuring this is depending on particularly that the procedures including front hairline, planning and canal opening must be performed by a physician. Also, other services must be provided by the specialist allied health personnel under strict supervision of a physician.

LIV Hospital provides a qualified service in hair transplantation with its experienced physician and specialist allied health personnel who are specialist for hair transplantation.


Hair loss reinforces its place with its ratio increased day by day among the medical problems waiting for a solution. We, as LIV, produce professional solutions to this problem with medical treatment by means of home care treatment and clinical applications and with hair transplantation.

Hair loss is a disease that started to appear at early ages than in the past. Patients can be made satisfied by treating them with benefits such as reducing the severity of hair loss, preventing the hair loss and improving the quality of the hair when identified at early ages. More radical procedures like hair transplantation takes place from these kinds of benefits in the advanced stages of hair loss.

Our Hair Health and Hair Transplantation Unit in the LIV Hospital develops solution for hair loss with the following applications:


Hair loss starting at early ages may be controlled in general by means of an appropriate medical shampoo and special home care treatments . To do this, an examination by our physician and some tests and processes that might be needed are sufficient. If it is found that the hair loss is not secondary to a seasonal regular loss than patients themselves can comfortably continue with their treatment with prescription provided by our physician, special mixtures and treatments. For those people whose hair burnt after coiffure, who experienced intensive hair loss due to incorrect product usage and who think that they have dull, neglected and limp, these kinds of treatments are ideal.


Patients who experience severe hair loss problem cannot obtain an adequate result by care treatments they will apply at home. In this case, drugs containing compounds required to be available in the structure of the hair must be injected in the scalp and hair follicles directly. Patient does not feel pain since local anesthesia performed prior to the procedure. This procedure is called hair mesotherapy. As in all needle applications, the hair mesotherapy is performed by physicians. This procedure is performed mostly by means of a specially-designed device and can control the hair loss for a certain period of time. Duration of effect of a standard hair mesotherapy is 1 week and protection period is 1 month.


It is the procedure that after the patient's own blood is passed through some special processes, it is mixed with the DNA activator and then injected in the scalp using the special devices again. It provides a more prolonged protection. In the recent years, the hair mesotherapy has begun to be cited with the hair PRP. It has no risk of any side effect since the application material is obtained from the patient's own blood. This procedure that is performed again with local anesthesia is painless like other procedures. The patient can observe the result of the hair PRP application within the next session (about one week after). This effect continues for 3 months. The procedure should be repeated 3 months later for protection purpose.


This is a special hair mesotherapy method that helps to control the hair loss for a period of average 6 to 8 months by a single session application. Its effect can last for up to one year. It is an ideal method for patients who are not able to visit physician frequently for mesotherapy or for people living abroad. Although the procedure is the same with the hair PRP, number of injections and amount of drug used are much more. A special drug is applied too to extend the duration of effect after the procedure. Thus, the patient would have a six-month time for the next session. It is a painless procedure because it is performed following local anesthesia.




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