Colorectal Surgery

Liv Hospital is the only institution in Turkey to receive the 'Center of Excellence' accreditation in Colorectal Surgery.
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Colorectal surgery is the field of medicine dealing with disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon. We believe that our Center offers you and your family the best option in the region for the following principle reasons:

  • Liv Hospital’s Colorectal Surgery Center is here to give our international patients the highest level of care, comfort and hope.
  • We offer the very latest surgeries for colorectal disease, some of which are not available at many other centers in the region.
  • We provide true multidisciplinary care, bringing together a team of specialists who meet regularly to discuss each patient’s case.
  • We realize you may come from far away for your care, so we organize your appointments in the most convenient way possible, liaising with your medical specialists in your home country to the required degree through the dedicated Recovery Specialist.




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