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Liv Check Up Center is amongst the top leading centers in the world with experience and attention to detail. We have designed check ups for the needs of every age and gender.
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Environmental pollution, stress, wrong eating habits and genetic risks that threaten healthy life manifest themselves with different diseases. To be protected from diseases, to put the diagnosis of the existing diseases early and to have a healthier life is possible with Liv Hospital Healthy Life and Check-Up Clinic! Identifying the potential risks posed by gender and lifestyle, determining the risk of familial borne diseases and Regenerative Medicine for the early diagnosis, risk analysis that your genetic mapping is performed in cooperation with Stem Cell Research and Application Clinic is carried out in Liv Hospital Check-Up Center. Thus, detailing your family history provides the opportunity of the early diagnosis for risky diseases.

What is a Check-Up?

Check-up, which means to carry out annual regular physician checks and to be performed necessary examinations, is one of the strongest weapons in the hands of modern human in order to maintain a healthy life. Besides, it carries the purpose of referring the yet clinically asymptomatic diseases to treatment by early diagnosis. Chronic diseases with ongoing treatment are also kept under control with Check-up and follow-up protocols

Why should you have Check-Up made?

• If a long and healthy life is among your targets,

• If you want to learn what is required for this,

• If you want to see that you are healthy as much as you feel,

• If you cannot spare time for health in your busy life rhythm,

• If you are concerned with the common diseases in your family,

• If you want to detect the diseases early and to be treated easily,

you should admit to Check-Up and Healthy Living Department.

Why should you have it made?

In general, if you do not have any complaints, then the check up interval that we recommend for your age:

• you may have your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels measured once at the age of 20s,

• if the values reveal are normal with 5-year intervals until age 30,

• with 3-year intervals between the ages of 30-40,

• every year after the age of 40,

The importance of the check-up procedure increases as the risk of becoming ill increases with age.

What are the procedures to be performed during Check-Up?

• Although it changes according to the determined program and examinations to be performed, basically the following procedures are performed during check-up.

• Detailed physical examination and final meeting to be held by the physician are made for steering the examinations to be performed, taking the necessary consultation decisions and the creation of recommendations by evaluating the results.

• The metabolic, hormonal, hematologic status of the individual is determined via blood tests and how organs work is determined.

• X-ray and ultrasound examination are the leading radiological examinations. The tests using advanced technology are also added to the procedures that intend the visualization of the organs in necessary cases.

• While how the work of the heart and respiratory system is measured in function tests.

• The goal of endoscopic imaging procedures is to access especially the gastrointestinal system directly and to obtain samples if necessary.




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