Breast Aesthetics

Breasts complete the physical appearance of the female body .The width of shoulder, circumference of chest and hips and waist circumference measurements take an important place in the breast volume. Breasts, could be small for structurally different reasons .One may be smaller than other small, there may be no one as or they may be asymmetrical.
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Breast augmentation

To make both of the breasts equal or to imcrease the volume the most current method is silicon prosthesis (implant). Breast implants or breast-shaped structures are similar to balloon. The round and anatomical shaped one, so-called drops are available. One of them is selected according to the condition of the female breast. Outer surface of the balloon contains silicoe while it's filled with gel originated from silicone that recieved the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval in November 2006 .

Patients who are over the age of 40 will have prosthesis whey should perform some radiological examinations such mammography or ultrasonography if necessary. There are general or unique risks of each operation. Pain and edema are seen after surgery. Bleeding and infections due to surgery are very rare .Increasing or decreasing sensitivity of the nipple after surgery or complain of numbness around the incision could be seen and that's a temporary situation . Some researchs suggest that this prosthesis can cause (connective tissue disease) or difficulties in lactation. However, none of them have been scientifically proven.

Breast prosthesises do not creat any problems later for the mammography or surgical examination. Breast prosthesis is seen as a cavity in the mammography does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer as same as the normal breast tissue. When such a situation like breast cancer occurs standart treatment is applied in the prosthetic breast .

Surgery is performed with general anesthesia in the operating room at the hospital conditions .1-2 hours. A 4-5 cm incision is made to put the prosthesis. The place of this incision is one of these:

Inframammary (Submammarin)

The lower part of the nipple (circumareolar)

Underarm (Axillary).

Prosthesis can be placed behind the breast tissue or behind the breast muscle (pectoralis) and that depends on the patient's breasts. Each application has its advantages and disadvantages, these details should be considered before the surgery.

Post operation period passes easily. Pain is minimal. If the prosthesis was put behind the chest muscle that can cause limitation of arm movements for a few days. Post-surgical bra or bandage is applied to the breast. If sutures were dissolving they can be taken after 10-12 days . There is no need to take the solving sutures. In the early period swelling, nipple numbness and purplish discoloration on the skin may happen. They will disappear soon. Patients can return to work within 3-4 days. 3 weeks after the replacement prosthesis will be completely replaced and breast function will become normal. Heavy sports (requiring bounce-running) are not recommended for 2 months. Prosthetic breast augmentation surgery generally gives good and permanent results, corrects a person's mental health and psychosocial structure and makes them more connected to life.

Breast Reduction

Aesthetic breast reduction surgery, although it's made to improve the external appearance , it is not only a cosmetic surgery but also functional aesthetic surgery. Pendulous breast due to obesity in women, can lead to back and neck pain, also can lead to kyphosis. Pressure of the brassiere on arm's nerves causes numbness . Difficult breathing. Sustained friction between chest skin and breast skin may lead to rash open wounds . Daily physical activities become limited. It also creates difficulties in selecting clothes, women's self-dislike also causes social and psychological problems. Breast reduction surgery gives a natural appearance to the breast, eliminates the problems listed above and makes a person's life better.

In aesthetic breast reduction surgery breast tissue is reshaped according to the person's body size. Excess breast tissue and skin is removed. Then the nipple is moved to where it should be. Surgery is done in an operating room with general anesthesia in hospital conditions. surgery takes 2.5-4 hours. All the used methods leace a scar around the nipple. In addition,according to the applied procedure a T-shaped trace will stay inverted right down the middle of the bottom edge of the nipple. The T-shaped trace is adapted to the lower part of the breast fold. However, recent surgical techniques eliminates the trace in the breast fold. Just around the nipple and down the middle of the bottom edge of the nipple a 4.5-5 cm trace remains. These traces are seen at the beginning and may disappear by time. The degree of scars is related to the breast size,used surgical methods and finally to the patient's skin .

Patients can return to work after 1 week. It's recommended to stay away from heavy sports for 3 months. Aesthetic breast reduction surgery generally gives good and permanent results, makes patients more connected to life, rises up the wife's and the husband's spirit and makes clothing styles easier for the patient. New shaped breast would be durable for a long time, but weight changes, pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity can cause sagging breast and an increase in the volume .




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