3 and 4-Dimensional (3D/4D) Pregnancy Ultrasonography

What is 3D and 4D Ultrasound Pregnancy?

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What is 3D and 4D Ultrasound Pregnancy?

3D and 4D pregnancy ultrasound, is a special imaging modality where sound waves are used like conventional ultrasound techniques. Resulting image in 2D ultrasound by the processed to computer and resulting image can be taken in 3 planes. When time factor is included in the process the 4-dimensional ultrasound can be attained. With the 3D and 4D ultrasonography of pregnancy, the most real-like images of the fetuses can be attained.

For Whom?

The most common purpose of use of this is to see the body of the baby, especially of face. But without limited with this, it helps to doctor to identify the disease. With the 2-dimensional ultrasound, the baby's internal organs are evaluated, but there no evaluated internal organs within 3 dimensional ultrasound. With this method, the diseases such as cleft palate/lip, hand-foot problems, spine openings are evaluated.


Preferably it can be done between 28th-32nd weeks.

Is it possible to acquire the desired image at all times?

There are some conditions for desired images. The amniotic fluid should be sufficient in the area to be examined (especially the face). This problem can be eliminated by changing the position of the baby, providing movement. The resulting images are saved in the form of printed photo or CD.

Any Risks?

Three-dimensional ultrasound devices only work with very high frequency sound waves like other conventional ultrasound devices. There is no conclusive scientific evidence until today about the ultrasound waves that cause harm on the baby or in other tissues. That's why we accepted three-dimensional ultrasound imaging method as harmless. Preferably, the review period will be limited to 30 minutes.

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